Yes we sell NMC brand glue  - Adefix . Its adhesive, filler and jointing material for NOMASTYL®, WALLSTYL®polystyrene products and other polyurethane products.

Skirting boards made from extruded polystyrene are the new products successfully winning recognition among most demanding users.

Our skirting boards are impact and water-resistant, already primed and easy to paint .

Crown moldings are one of the architectural features that can really add value to your home. They add a visual presence that can make a home feel more upscale. Done well, they instantly say this home is well-crafted and solid. Unless you are lucky enough to live in an older home beautifully appointed with lovely crown moldings, you may find yourself feeling like your home is lacking in architectural details that give it distinction.
Have you been wondering if crown molding could work in your house? Are you worried that your ceilings are too low to use it? Concerned that you can't afford the wide moldings you'd love? Not sure what style or size to get? And what if you want a contemporary look — can you still use crown molding?
We have got some tips for you!

The most common question customers have about our moldings is “What is Polyurethane?” The term is often confused with polystyrene (a.k.a. styrofoam) but the material is quite a bit different. Polyurethane is a dense foam material that has all of the advantages of wood without the disadvantages (rotting, splintering, and cracking). You can save money with polyurethane as it comes primed and ready to paint.
Let's take a look at why polyurethane is a superior material to install.
·    Lasts longer than MDF or wood crown molding
·    Designed for interior and exterior use
·    Lightweight and easy to install
·    Pre-primed and ready for paint

Crown molding, which runs along the perimeter of a ceiling, can be plain or ornate and fits with many decor styles. Adding crown molding can make your home seem more elegant and refined. If you're adding molding to a room that is small or has low ceilings, though, you may be concerned with the molding making the room seem even smaller than it actually is. Choosing the right molding and painting it the optimal color are the best ways to ensure that the molding helps to make your room feel spacious.
Crown molding does not make a room look smaller -- in most instances. Whether it does or does not depends largely upon how high your ceilings are and how wide the molding is. If the room is small and has normal or low ceilings, a 5- to 10-cm-width molding is appropriate. The molding can be wider if the ceiling is a little higher and can be up to 12-18 cm wide. Crown molding any wider than this is only suitable for very large rooms or very tall ceilings, or both.

Wall Color
You have a couple of options for painting crown molding that will make it change how large and how high a room appears to be. One of these options is to paint the molding the same color as your walls. This will make it blend in, and the molding will seem a more coherent part of the wall rather than an additional element. Because the color is the same, it doesn't draw the eye up, which would attract attention to a low ceiling.
Light Color
Using a color that is a little lighter than the walls can be another useful tactic with crown molding. If you were to use a darker color than the wall color, this can attract attention to a low ceiling. Using a slightly lighter color attracts attention to the molding, since it is a different color, but has a positive effect on a room. People perceive dark objects as being further away, and so a lighter color on the molding can make the slightly darker walls seem further away, making the room overall appear to be larger.
Ceiling Color
You can also paint the crown molding the same color as the ceiling. Using a light or white ceiling color on the ceiling will make the ceiling seem as tall and bright as possible and make the room feel more spacious. Making the molding the same color as the ceiling can lend to the illusion of a coffered ceiling, or a ceiling with tiers in it, which will also make your room appear to be bigger than it is. It's also possible to further enhance this illusion by painting patches of color in the ceiling.

The short answer is no.
Here is the slightly longer answer: If you have a uniform ceiling height throughout the home and your rooms are similar in proportion, then using the same molding can create a nice flow. If your home has 3-meter-high ceilings in the entryway and living room, but then changes to 2,60 meter in the bedrooms, vary the size of the moldings to be in correct proportion with the scale of the rooms.

Most of us live with much lower ceilings than in the last several examples, but that doesn't mean we can't have crown molding. One just needs to continue to consider the scale of the room and the style of the home and furnishings.

Not exactly, but it needs to have a similar visual weight. It looks funny to have large crown molding with tiny baseboards and vice versa. Baseboard molding can lend a touch of class to your new home or remodel, as well as serving some important purposes in construction. There is a bewildering array of molding types and materials available, which might overwhelm the first-time do-it-yourself individual. When selecting molding, keep in mind your particular installation needs.

Baseboards cover the portion of the joint where the wall and floor intersect. They are usually between 3 to 5 inches in height. They also serve to make a smooth transition between the floor and the wall. In certain flooring types, such as laminate, they also serve to cover up the gaps between the laminate strips and the wall.
Baseboard molding is constructed from a number of different materials. Each of them have their strengths and weaknesses, so care should be taken in selecting the right baseboard type for your project.

Solid decors floor baseboards, made from high density polystyrene
have very high strength and durability, while at the same time are environmentally friendly.Their main function is to hide the joints, left between the wall and the floor. Our floor baseboards are designed with ideally perfect shapes, elegant and minimalistic look. They are suitable for all types of premises in the home or in a public building, such as living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, offices, shopping facilities and etc. All models have a bending analogue for application around oval walls, rounded columns and other similar details.

Moldings for indirect lighting are made from high density polyurethane. High density polyurethane is quickly becoming the most popular form of molding and a solution to many common problems. Polyurethane molding has many advantages over wood molding. One main benefit is that polyurethane is not effected by a change in climate or humidity where as wood is constantly expanding, contracting and warping. Some of the reasons to choose polyurethane moldings include its light weight, ability to adjust to moisture changes and it is also unappealing to bugs and termites! These reasons make polyurethane an excellent choice for home and commercial use.
Instillation of molding for indirect lighting is a synch because of polyurethane's great qualities include its feather weight. When using molding for indirect lighting the molding is only attached to the wall, not both the wall and ceiling. This means that the wall is the only means of support for a molding. Using polyurethane moldings to install indirect lighting will put less stress on your wall.
Another advantage is that polyurethane does not react to the heat of the indirect lighting, rope or LED lights. This is an advantage if you live in an area where the climate is constantly changing but also because lights can generate heat. If you are concerned about saving space indirect lighting is an excellent choice for your home. Another great advantage for indirect lighting is that it provides stylish lighting to a room without taking up space of table or floor lamps. When there is no space in long hallways for floor lamps, LED lights or rope lights can safely illuminate passage through the hallway.