Beam Modern ED104 (4 m) classic white 17х19 ELITE DECOR

  • €111.33
  • Delivery time 4-6 weeks
  • Product Code:ED104white4m
  • Collection: DecoWood
  • Sizes: 170x190x4000 mm
  • Material: poliuretanas

Beam Modern ED104 (4 m) classic white 17х19 Decorative beams ELITE DECOR

Beam Modern ED104 (4 m) classic white 17х19

Decorative beams made of polyurethane, imitating the natural structure of wood, are used to give the room a personality and style. The material from which the beams are made is structural foam made of polyurethane. It is a light and durable material with excellent decorative and consumer properties, with high safety and environmental performance. Unlike wooden beams, our products have a number of significant advantages, both from an aesthetic and from a practical point of view: they are made of modern polymeric materials; much cheaper than wood and quite competitors in cost among analogues in the decor market; light weight, without increasing the load on the supporting structures of the premises; presented in a large assortment that allows for the implementation of a wide variety of design decisions; They have standardized geometric dimensions, which allows a simple docking to create a visually solid structure of any length. Thanks to three length options - 2m, 3m and 4m, unnecessary fitting losses can be avoided; U-shaped internal profile perfectly hides wiring, communications, pipes, surface defects; all products correspond to the colors of natural wood in different shades; guarantee ease of installation - easy to cut, easy to mount, installed on almost any surface, do not require training and expensive tools; resistant to fungus and insects; keep their shape during long-term operation; moisture resistant; resistant to odors. Four sizes of cross-section, three colors of finishes, will help to translate any design idea into reality. And the use of our decorative elements: consoles, docking elements, forged belts - will make the interior complete and complete. DecoWood beams are produced in Ukraine and supplied by the manufacturer, PrAT "Elite Decor", to the markets of different countries. The optimal combination of decorative features, European quality and affordable prices have provided DecoWood beams with recognition and demand. Choosing the DecoWood brand, you get an original product that can emphasize your taste in the interior of your home for years.
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